Smart mobility is the new way to organize and manage indoor and outdoor space through intelligent mobility systems combining artificial intelligence. Mapping, data analysis and management, visualization and smart navigation systems are the new way to manage indoor and outdoor spaces such as hyper-connected buildings and smart cities.

Thanks to smart mobility technologies, geospatial movements and data become intelligent, bringing the citizens mobility experience to a new level

What can we do for you?

Use Cases

What can I do thanks to smart mobility?


Through advanced mapping systems it is possible to detect any type of information and geolocate it so that we can create interactive and updated maps of any outdoor or indoor path.

Data analysis

Geolocalized data have a great potential and a are a true source of value. Thanks to artificial intelligence it is possible to extract relevant information from any data source, such as measurements or forecasts.


Navigators are the new way to manage travel. Thanks to simple interfaces and voice guidance it is easy to move from point A to point B, indoor or outdoor, following the shortest route, or the most accessible or the most comfort one.


Discover all the functionalities of our mappings

Outdoor mapping

Detection of data from Smart Cities

Indoor mapping

Creation of indoor maps

Multimedia data

Detection of photos, videos, audio and other geolocalized informations


Detection of aerial data through drones


Geolocalized surveys and questionnaires

Data Analysis

Discover the functionalities of Geolocalized Data

Data science

Pattern detection in geolocalized data


Estimation and Measurement of spaces and objects

Insights e predictions

Exploiting the potential of AI for predictions and forecasts

Our Solutions

What can we create thanks to smart mobility

Interactive Web Maps

Maps to visualize data and itineraries 2D and 3D

Navigation Systems

integrated navigation solutions

Native Apps

Maps and navigators for iOS and Android equipped with vocal or text instructions

Paper Maps

Creation of refined paper maps with 3D representations

Our raw materials

Our raw materials are the technological tools provided by our partners and industry leaders.

Advanced systems for data science and map creation/visualization